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Customize your character, make friends, chat, design your own apartment, and more! Only on the Forever Play Minecraft Server!

Dorm Rooms

Everyone on the server has their own dorm room! You can customize size, change color and let people into your dorm, so you can roleplay with other players!


We have custom furniture that you can place anywhere in your dorm, to create unique and awesome rooms!


Does someone have a piece of furniture you MUST have? Trading is easy and can help you get the items you want!


Feeling lucky? Buy a key on our webstore and try your luck with the lockers, giving you the chance to unlock Points, ranks, coins, particle effect and more!

FP Coins

Coins are used to buy anything on Forever Play, including hats, props, furniture, pets and more! Coins can only be acquired through special events or through our online store


Everyone has to have a phone.. The phone will help you navigate your way through the server featuring warps, friend system and even cake clicker!